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FAQ - When will my order ship? and more . . .

Thank you for your order!  Congratulations on being among the first to order from the exciting array of apparel and accessories choices on the new website.  Soon you will be one of the first to show your colleagues the new line of X Exchange apparel.  The website is designed to allow all those associated with the X Exchange to show their pride and professionalism with new and fashionable apparel along with practical and useful accessories.  AAFES Headquarters staff has been the driving force behind this website and has been instrumental in the selection of items offered.  We appreciate their ongoing efforts to provide you with these new apparel choices.

All custom sales are final.  As this website is now just a couple of months old, we wanted to remind everyone of the custom nature of their orders.  As there are a multitude of items in a host of colors and wide range of sizes, each order is essentially a custom order.  It is imperative that each item that is selected has been previously compared against the sizing charts located on each item's page.  As different manufacturers use slightly different size specifications, everyone needs to ensure they have selected the correct size.  Because of the custom nature of each order, once the order is placed online and therefore placed into the production cycle, all sales are necessarily final and cannot be canceled once ordered or returned or exchanged once received.

Time to collect, produce and fulfill your custom order.  Many of you are familiar with American Eagle's super-quick turnaround of Associate apparel orders - 96.78% of X Exchange Store Associate apparel items are shipped the same business day they are received.  American Eagle maintains over $450,000 in stock to support the AAFES Associate Attire program. 

However, the site is a custom site with no inventory because of the wide range of products, sizes and colors offered.  Each order is consolidated with other orders from that week, ordered in from the manufacturers, embroidered, QA'd and shipped in a orderly process that takes approximately 12 to 14 working days.  In a few more months when we have some ordering history and can determine the most popular items to have in ready stock, we hope to trim that time frame from 12 to 14 working days to 5 to 6 working days or less.  In the mean time, depending on availability of the apparel and the number of orders to be consolidated, it will generally take just over 2 weeks before your order is shipped.  All orders are shipped in the order in which they are received. 

Paypal collects the money at the time of the order.  In authorizing the production of this custom order, Paypal charges your credit card at the time you place your order and then informs us that the money is available for the order so we can begin production.  This is Paypal's procedure for all Paypal transactions.  While your custom order is in this ordering and production process, the status will show "AWAITING FULFILLMENT" and will change to "SHIPPED" once your order has shipped.  You will also receive an email from FedEx or USPS indicating the shipping and tracking information for your order.

Store-based Apparel Program stays in place. Just as a reminder, items ordered from the website should not be worn by Associates who are routinely in contact with the best customers in the world while at work. The designated X Exchange Store Apparel program guidelines should be followed at all times while working in the store. 

Shipping. Also as a reminder, we can ship to APO boxes overseas with no customs or duties fees.  The  only charges are for regular US Postage and handling for insurance and dimensional weight USPS charges.  Domestic shipments in CONUS can also be shipped directly to your home, though you will find your shipping to be less expensive if your select for your order to ship to a commercial address or the AAFES Store where you work, if applicable. (Both UPS and FedEx charge additional fees for residential delivery.)  Free Shipping is available for CONUS orders over $60.

Turnaround time for custom products is about two weeks. Your order's apparel items are already in production and are expected to ship in approximately 12 to 14 working days from the time of your order.  If you are at the beginning of the cycle it will ship toward the the 14 day mark and if you are at the end of the cycle you may receive your order with 7 days.  Most all of the accessorial items are now in stock with just a few additional accessorial or promotional items still waiting to come in.  Once completely established, a working inventory of accessorial and promotional items will be maintained in ready stock for quick shipment.

Thanks.  We want your ideas. Again thank you for your order.  We know you are excited to receive your order and we are doing our best to get these to you quickly!  Please write us at if you have ideas or suggestions for additional items to be offered.  We already have positive feedback from the field with suggestions that we add t-shirts, athletic and workout gear, etc.   New items suggested by the Store Associates have been added to the website. Those items are already under consideration by AAFES HQ staff and we hope to add them in the near future.  If you have ideas, let us know.

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